My friend’s weird advice about where to sit at restaurants

Are you one of those people that gets seated at a restaurant and you immediately ask to switch to a different table?  I am. I don’t want to sit in a corner staring at the restroom.  I don’t want to sit next to the air vent that blows like five hairs on my forehead.  I don’t want to sit next to

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Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Get more recipes like this delivered straight to your inbox plus instant access to my free 3-Step Guide to Baking in Advance. Don't miss out. Sign up now. I've never been a fan of the Toll House cookie recipe on the back of the package.  Sure, that's what I used for years, but I always


WTF, I paid $60 for breakfast at a bakery

I was in NYC last week with my mom and sister, dodging Winter Storm Jonas by just a few hours.  We made it out unscathed, but I can't say the same for our wallets. I planned the entire trip down to the hour.  I mean, you kind of have to if you have limited time in NYC.  Every meal, every snack,

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An Insanely Simple 3-Step Guide to Baking in Advance

I don’t have time to bake.  You don’t have time to bake.  But how would you like to never bring store-bought treats to a party again?  Today I’m going to show you my favorite strategy to make that happen. Also, I have a special free bonus to help you even further.  Make sure you read all the way


How I lost 20 pounds and still manage to bake every week

Join other Bake Like A Champ readers and discover a game-changing approach to baking from scratch that fits into your busy life.  Click here for instant access to my free 3-Step Guide to Baking in Advance today. This is not about how to bake gluten-free or low-sugar.  This is about how I managed


The most surprising thing I learned at the CIA

Well I'm not a government spy.  But I did attend pastry boot camp at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) this past summer.  As I was thinking about what I took away from 2015, that experience stood out in my mind.  When I returned home from the CIA, so many people asked what I learned.