kristin_b-102Who wakes up in the morning, rolls out of bed, and thinks, “I wish I was a better baker.”? No one!

However, women DO say things like:

– “I have to make something for the kids’ school this week, but I have no time.”

– “I just want people to say, ‘You made that?!’”

– “I don’t want to be the mom who brings something pre-made from the grocery store to book club.”

– “If I bake I’m afraid I’ll screw something up.”

I’m Kristin Beischel, founder of Bake Like A Champ, and I help women impress the hell out of their friends and family.

Imagine arriving to your kid’s classroom or next weekend’s football party with a platter full of chocolate shortbread cookies or a blueberry crumb cake, all eyes on you.  Everyone scurries over to you in amazement, shouting, “You made that?!”  You proudly answer, “Yes,” but you decide not to share with everyone that you threw it together an hour before you left the house.

Are you ready to start scoring rave reviews?

Instead of paging through cookbooks and online recipes, using your entire Saturday to bake something complicated with kitchen equipment you probably don’t have, only to take it out of the oven after it was burnt…

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